More than you expect




More than you expect.

Caleta San José



Many years have passed since we started the breeding of fan-shaped shells (Argopecten purpuratus) in southern Peru.

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Located in the South Peruvian Coast, in the district of Quilca province of Camaná, region Arequipa.

With a 50km stretch of coast between the ports of Quilca and Matarani with beautiful beaches and about 20 Caletas nestled in the heart of this naturally protected area, where the Andes submerge in the Sea. To the north: La Sorda, La Chicanera, Arantas, Huacchiray, Huagin, the Valley and the Caleta of

Quilca stand out for their beauty and historical richness. And to the south, Caletas Ancumpita, La Huata, Honoratos and Isla Hornillos impressive to the sight where we find the greatest variety of marine fauna.

These small bays, of calm sea, without waves and crystalline water are scattered and only access is navigated. To guarantee the absolute tranquility there is nothing to 20km to the round.



"We offer every visitor a unique and magical experience approaching nature and adventure of the least explored coasts of southern Peru."

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Our natural spaces will delight your senses and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, in Caleta San José the traveler will find the perfect place to stop the time and immerse yourself in the delicious atmosphere of

"Pleasure to live"


Explore nature

Classic Program

3 Days - 2 Nights


From Quilca to Caleta San José

  • Navigation to San Jose Cove
  • After arriving and settled in the hostel a succulent sea lunch awaits us.
  • In the afternoon we enjoy the beach, kayak and chalana walks, swimming, diving, fishing from the raft and contemplate the beauty of San Jose Cove while we enjoy a pisco sour and the sunset.
  • With the right atmosphere of a bonfire to enjoy the night and a tasty grill.


Hike south and sail through Hornillos Island

  • We all share breakfast in the cozy dining room of the hostel.
  • "El Ancla" hike to one of the most beautiful coves in the area, in our tour we will also know the cove "La Francesa" and the pampa of the same name where an anchor of galleon stands in the middle of the plain perhaps indicating the Place of a shipwreck or some hidden treasure.
  • A few minutes is made present the "Ancumpita" Cove an arm of sea with almost 500 meters of emerald waters where we stop to freshen up.
  • The boat will wait for us there in case someone decides to finish the walk. We continue walking (20 min, medium intensity) towards the "La Huata" Caleta where we will embark to the "Honoratos" Caleta.
  • Returning we will pass through Hornillos Island, a magical place where you can observe several families of sea lions, Humboldt penguins, different birds and if we are lucky, the Marine Otter and Dolphins.
  • Already back, in the shelter, we await a re-dining lunch.
  • Rest at the beach of Caleta San José and La Francesa until dinner time around the campfire.


From Caleta San José to Quilca

  • We enjoy the tranquility of the San Jose and La Caleta as the boat prepares for the transfer to the port of Quilca.


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