More than you expect


Many years have passed since we started the breeding of fan-shaped shells (Argopecten purpuratus) in southern Peru.

Being the only ones present in this coastal strip, famous travelers and explorers arrived to our camp, surprised by the beauty of the place they

returned more than once proposing that the place is prepared to receive visitors and to make known this paradisiaco place fomenting its conservation.

This is how we started the second stage of our project. Reserve San José that includes the aquaculture and tourist activity.

Committed to development that promotes conservation and responsible practices in both areas. We protect the area of the coves San José and La Francesa so that it serves as a natural repopulation zone for other species and a place where the traveler can learn about the activity of mariculture and enjoy the sea and its benefits.


La experiencia en Caleta San José te desconecta de los problemas y te envuelve de Naturaleza al no tener ninguna señal de la vida moderna a más de 20km alrededor. Los espacios construidos y decorados entran en armonía con la zona.

The experience in Caleta San José disconnects you from the problems and envelops you of Nature by having no sign of modern life more than 20km around. The built and decorated spaces are in harmony with the area

The cozy hostel has 9 comfortable bungalows with panoramic views to our privileged beach, indoor and outdoor dining where breakfast and dinner are served based on exquisite seafood cuisine with fresh products fresh from the sea. We have basic services (water, drainage and energy) and complete private bathrooms. The total capacity of the hostel is 30 people. The exclusivity of our service offers you privacy and personalized attention for each visitor.

Our service

The service begins with the transfer from the port of Quilca sailing towards the cove.

Comfortable lodging, complete food, activities such as: hiking, visit to the Hornillos Island National Reserve, use of kayaks, snorkel equipment and fishing.

Our natural spaces will delight your senses and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, in Caleta San José the traveler will find the perfect place to stop the time and immerse yourself in the delicious atmosphere of "Placer de Vivir".


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